Woman Adopts Blind Ginger Cat And Finds "Soul Cat" Who Saves Her Life

Woman Adopts Blind Ginger Cat And Finds "Soul Cat" Who Saves Her Life

Meet Orbit.

He was born with undeveloped eyes, but he doesn’t let his blindness stop him from living life to the fullest. He still runs and plays like any other cat and still has "orange cat energy".

His mom, Ashley, loves him just the way he is and told us it was love at first sight. The sweet feline shares a home with his mom and canine brother (who is also a rescue) Axil Bean.

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The rescue pets are living examples of the common saying "who rescued who".

Orbit is an inspiration to all, and his bravery is unmatched. His mom told us, "Two days after we got him, he was running a 106 fever, still purring, and being rushed to the ER."

He seemed to recover after a short stay at the veterinary clinic. However, he developed three major upper respiratory infections which his mom shared was, "because of the tissue that never developed into his eyes."

The vet recommended removing the tissue and Orbit felt a lot better after surgery.

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"This little guy defines courage and his zest for life is unrivaled," Ashley shared.

Orbit is a quick learner and loves exploring the great outdoors with his mom and brother nearby. "I’ve never seen the world but I’m really good at feeling and tasting my way around. I am very happy and adventurous."

Ashley loves to watch Orbit experience life and has learned to slow down and enjoy the little things. She loves going outdoors with him and said, "I love being his safe space."

His tenacious yet sweet personality has won over people who were previously not fans of cats. "My friends and family claimed they didn't like cats until they met Orbit."

Ashley told us that Orbit has changed her life in more than one way. Aside from bringing a smile to her face every day, he has saved her life.

"Orbit also saved my life. My mental health was really poor and knowing he needed me kept me alive. I knew he would never stop looking for me. He's really special and I am so fortunate to have him."

The ginger feline is adorable just the way he is, but he also doesn’t mind sporting some cute outfits his mom picks out. Ashley sees her two rescue pets as her children, so it is only fitting that Orbit wears newborn children’s clothes.

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Ashely said she found her "soul cat" by adopting a special needs cat and encourages others to give special needs pets a chance.

It is clear that Orbit and Ashely are a purr-fect match. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more adorable photos and videos. Don’t forget to check out Axil Bean’s page, too.

Learn more about Orbit's favorite things in the video below and don't forget to share!


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