How To Tell If Your Cat Is Dehydrated

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Dehydrated

It is a hot summer day, and you are downing water like there is no tomorrow. Your cat strolls into the room and you wonder - is Fluffy drinking enough water?

Cats, unlike dogs, do not drink water very often. They would naturally get most of their water from their diet. If a cat does not get enough water, it can lead to serious health issues like kidney problems or stones. In order to prevent those, here are some ways to make sure your cat drinks enough.


Signs Your Cat Is Dehydrated

Pet MD suggest that you do the pinch test to tell how dehydrated your cat is. To perform this test, simply pinch the skin on your cat's shoulder. The skin should spring back when you release. If the skin stays in the "tent" position, your cat is severally dehydrated and needs to see a vet immediately.

Kittens, mothers that are nursing, and older cats are at higher risk of dehydration.

Other signs are dry or tacky gums, listlessness, loss of appetite and elevated heart rate.


Causes Of Dehydration

Diet may be one of the reasons. Dry kibble only contains 10% moisture. However, many things can cause dehydration like vomiting, diarrhea, overheating or trauma.

Some health issues can cause cats to become dehydrated like diabetes. If you are concerned, please contact your vet. Each cat is different, so devising a plan with your vet is the best option if your cat is dehydrated.


Ways To Prevent Dehydration

Feed wet food (which is 80% moisture), raw diet, or you can add water to your cat's kibbles.

"If you feed your cat dry food, she should drink approximately one cup of water for every ten pounds of body weight in a 24-hour period. In warm weather, she’ll need even more. Cats on canned food diets only need to consume one-third to one-half that amount of water," states Catster.

Has your cat ever tried to drink from the running faucet? She may be trying to tell you something...


Provide fresh, clean water at all times. However, some cats need to be enticed to drink. Many cats will drink from flowing water in a water fountain. Other cats have sensitive whiskers and want a shallow bowl. There are many products on the market catering to the specific needs of cats.

Once you figure out your cat's unique preference, you can cater to their needs. Just another reason to pamper your cat, like you needed one...

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