Massachusetts Firefighters Rush To Save Dog Who Fell Through Ice Into Frigid Pond

Massachusetts Firefighters Rush To Save Dog Who Fell Through Ice Into Frigid Pond

Wareham Fire Department received a call early Saturday morning about a dog who needed to be rescued after she fell through the ice on a pond.

To make matters worse, the air temperature was below zero.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "If the windchill drops below negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not unheard of in the northern half of the U.S., frostbite can set in within half an hour."

Firefighters immediately responded. They arrived and spotted the dog struggling in the water about 150 feet offshore.

The local heroes suited up in waterproof gear and within minutes carefully ventured out onto the ice to rescue the dog. They used a special rescue surfboard with a rope attached to glide across the ice and pull the dog out of the freezing water.

The husky named Dakota was wrapped in a towel and brought to a nearby vehicle to warm up before heading to the local vet. It is estimated that the dog was in the water for about 20 minutes before being rescued.

Wareham Police Department, Department of Natural Resources, and local EMS also responded to the scene. Wareham Department of Natural Resources shared, "The dog was stabilized by Wareham EMS and transported by Wareham Natural Resources to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists. We are happy to report that the dog is in good condition and will be fine! Great job and thank you to the Good Samaritans, Wareham Fire, Police and EMS!"

The community joined in on thanking the brave men and women for "braving the rough conditions" to save Dakota. One person wrote, "Just another reason I love living here! Thank you for risking yourselves to save this dog. We have the best emergency services. I hope the rest of your day is much warmer and the pup makes a full recovery!"

Another said, "Thank you for saving this baby! Putting your lives on the line for what some people consider 'just a dog' but it’s someone’s family member."

Dakota is back home with her family and doing well.

Keep your dog safe by always walking them on a leash and never allow them to wander onto a frozen lake or other body of water. Minnesota vet, Dr. Melanie Neufeld, shares what to do if a dog does fall through the ice. "We hope this never happens, but if your dog does fall through the ice, DO NOT go after them. If the ice breaks for your pet, it will also break for you and the situation will be even worse. The safest thing to do is to call 911."

Andrea Powell

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