Good 'Boi' Messi, Dog Star of "Anatomy of a Fall", Stole the Show at Oscars

Good 'Boi' Messi, Dog Star of "Anatomy of a Fall", Stole the Show at Oscars

By now you must have heard about the seven-year-old border collie named Messi who stole the show at the Oscars without even trying.

The handsome fella starred in the French thriller "Anatomy of a Fall" as a service dog named Snoop for blind son who was the sole witness in his dad's death. He won hearts with his performance and continues to acquire fans as he attends award shows and interviews.

Messi was reportedly not going to attend the Oscars, which took place on March 10, but to everyone's delight he not only made an appearance but had his own assigned seat. He sported a black bowtie and was on his best behavior, even as "Anatomy of a Fall" won Best Original Screenplay.

This isn't the first win for the movie. At the Cannes Film Festival it won the highest prize, the Palme d’Or. Messi was also recognized for his outstanding performance and took home the Palm Dog for best performance by a canine.

Even though there isn't an Oscar recognizing canine performance (although there should be), The Academy announced on X, "And the Oscar for bestest boi goes to Messi from 'Anatomy of a Fall.'"

A clip of Messi applauding along with other attendees as the Oscars began has gone viral.

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The paws were very realistic looking but his trainer/mom, Laura Martin Contini, was seen holding the fake paws outside the Dolby Theatre in a photo posted on her Instagram page.

Messi was such a good boy and enjoyed meeting other celebrities during the ceremony and at the Oscar luncheon. Ryan Reynolds appeared starstruck when he met the intelligent pup at the luncheon. Check out his reaction below.

He even helped host, Jimmy Kimmel, prep for the big show and was an accomplice in a prank on actor Matt Damon.

The award show ended with a clip of Messi doing something so natural in an inappropriate place. Messi scores a win for Kimmel in his ongoing "feud" with Damon by lifting his leg and urinating on Damon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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