Elderly Couple Arrive At Shelter In Tears To Surrender Their Dog After Receiving Devastating News

Elderly Couple Arrive At Shelter In Tears To Surrender Their Dog After Receiving Devastating News

Jimbo, a 3-year-old Dachshund mix, was adopted by a loving family in San Francisco and thought he had found his forever home. He went everywhere with his humans, including moving across the country to Louisiana, but then an unforeseen illness changed everything.

The couple had to move out of the country to be with their family after receiving some devastating news. Sadly, Jimbo couldn't come on this journey. His distraught owners brought him to Iberville Parish Animal Shelter to find another loving home.

With tears in their eyes, the elderly couple said goodbye to their beloved Jimbo and left knowing he was in good hands.

One of the shelter workers was moved by his story and decided to tell it through a series of hand-drawn photos. Check out Jimbo's rescue story below.


The Louisiana shelter is overcrowded with adoptable dogs, but they are struggling to find adopters. Jimbo is one of the lucky 55 dogs on this month's Flight to Freedom. He will leave Louisiana and find a loving home in New Jersey.

He will meet Erin Robbins, VP of Pet Programs (Good Flights) for Greater Good Charities, when he boards the flight in the early morning hours of March 20. Erin is the friendly face that shelter staff and pets see when boarding their Flight to Freedom!

She has years of experience working with transporting pets, especially out of disaster areas, and has even co-founded a dog rescue in San Diego.

She ensures each pet that boards a flight is handled with care and is thrilled to be part of a program that saves so many lives.

Greater Good Charities wrote, "Erin has coordinated over 100 Good Flights, saving thousands of pet lives. We're constantly inspired by her dedication to animal welfare as she takes to the skies alongside our four-legged friends and coordinates transports all over the country. Thank you, Erin!"

 width= Photo: Greater Good Charities

Every month, we help fly at-risk shelter pets to freedom but couldn't do it without your support. Please consider donating below and saving the lives of shelter dogs and cats.

Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety. Jimbo and all the other dogs on board thank you for your donation and for the second chance at a forever home.

Together we CAN change the world!

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