Over 130 Maui Shelter Pets Arrive In The Pacific Northwest To Find Forever Homes

Over 130 Maui Shelter Pets Arrive In The Pacific Northwest To Find Forever Homes

136 Maui shelter pets have safely landed in Portland, Oregon, and are ready to find loving homes.

The life-saving flight was made possible thanks to Greater Good Charities' Good Flights, Southwest Airlines, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and donations from generous people like you.

Lost and injured pets continue to arrive at Maui Humane Society, which was already near capacity before the fires. The dedicated staff and volunteers are working around the clock to care for all the pets. They even sacrificed much-needed sleep to help load and say goodbye to the shelter pets heading to the mainland to find forever homes.


"This huge transfer is critical, it is allowing us to open up space in our shelter to make room for incoming animals from Lahaina that will remain in Maui Humane Society’s care indefinitely," wrote the shelter on Facebook.

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The homeless dogs and cats arrived in Portland, Oregon, where 92 shelter cats and kittens were transported to Oregon Humane Society.

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Oregon Humane Society introduced their supporters to two of the sweet felines they took in from Maui who are looking for a loving home. "Meet Jennifurrr and Ava ❤ Two of the cats from Maui Humane Society who were already in the shelter, and looking for a home, before the wildfires."

The remaining 44 pets boarded another flight and arrived in the Bay Area in California thanks to Ameriflight, LLC. Several rescues in the area stepped up to help. Marin Humane took in several of the dog and puppies and two (Sky and Jesse) have already been adopted.

The shelter examined each dog before putting them up for adoption and shared that "All of their adoption fees will be donated back to Maui Humane Society!"

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Greater Good Charities was able to quickly respond to the crisis in Maui thanks to your generous support, so thank you! The plane arrived with much-needed supplies for people and pets and was able to save the lives of over 130 shelter pets.

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Maui pets still need your support. Many are arriving with severe burns and need emergency care. Donate here to help a burned dog receive the care she needs.

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