Meet Shelter Dogs Eagerly Waiting To Catch Their Flight To Freedom

Meet Shelter Dogs Eagerly Waiting To Catch Their Flight To Freedom

The countdown has begun for dozens of lucky shelter dogs at overcrowded Louisiana shelters who will be on this month's Flight to Freedom.

They went from hopeless to hopeful.

Animal shelters are over capacity and highly adoptable pets are at risk of euthanasia due to a lack of space and adopters. That is why, with your continued support, The Animal Rescue Site sponsors a monthly Greater Good Charities Good Flight (Flight to Freedom) to fly over 50 shelter pets to safety.

 width= Photo: Washington County Humane Society

The shelter dogs and cats are flown to shelters in northern states with open kennels and adopters waiting to meet the good boys and girls.

This month's flight will depart Louisiana on May 20 and head to New Jersey with the following dogs and many more. Meet some of the pet passengers below.


Mini Cowboy

 width= Photo: St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter

This playful dog was left at St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter after hours and found the following day by staff. While they do not know his history, they do know that he loves everyone he meets and has plenty of energy.

 width= Photo: St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter

He is called "Mini Cowboy" since he weighs just 25 pounds. He has a heart as big as his personality and is ready to find his partner in New Jersey.


 width= Photo: JPAWS

Jefferson Protection and Animal Welfare Services (JPAWS) shared Henry's story with us and said, "Henry is a 2-year-old male mixed breed of some kind, staff call him an oversized corgi! You got a tennis ball? Good, cause this sweet boy loves his tennis ball, he’d probably be a great tennis player. He loves scratches, all types - butt scratches, ear scratches, head scratches. Henry also loves any attention you can give him. This happy boy has lots of energy and can’t wait to have a family all to himself to give him all the love and attention he desires."

 width= Photo: JPAWS


 width= Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

A dog who had a rough start to life is getting the second chance she deserves. The sparkle has returned to the eyes of a dog named Diamond taken in by Iberville Parish Animal Shelter. Abandoned by her owners, she is ready to find someone who will love her forever.

According to her caretakers, "The happy girl loves to run in the yard. Her second favorite thing is water and she absolutely loves to play in the pool at the shelter! We can’t wait to see the bright future this girl is destined for."


 width= Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

A seriously injured dog who wandered onto the porch of a nearby home for help was brought to Iberville Parish Animal Shelter. Her front left leg was badly injured, and the only option was to amputate. The sweet pup was named Clover and is adjusting to life as a three-legged dog.

 width= Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

Staff state that she is a smart dog and already knows basic commands. Clover is a happy and friendly dog who enjoys playing with people and other dogs. She is ready to find a home of her own in New Jersey.


 width= Photo: JPAWS

If happy had a face it would be Achilles'. The handsome 2-year-old pup loves to smile for pictures and has a lot to smile about since being rescued. He was found as a stray and brought to JPAWS.

 width= Photo: JPAWS

The shelter shared, "This dude is very sweet and from what we know so far is that he is kennel trained and loves to go on walks. He would probably enjoy long walks at the park or maybe even a beach trip to get to play in the water."

He is ready for new adventures and a new family.

Help us fly these pets to freedom in New Jersey! Just $5 will help fly these pets 125 miles towards safety. They all deserve a second chance to find a loving home.

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