Three-Legged Shelter Dog Who Beat Cancer Finally Finds Loving Home

Three-Legged Shelter Dog Who Beat Cancer Finally Finds Loving Home

Screenshot: TikTok/@humanebroward

There is one day that all shelter pets look forward to - adoption day.

Some have to wait weeks, months, or even years to find their special someone. The wait for Humane Society of Broward County's "biggest underdog" is over. 

Tina has been through a lot. The 7-year-old dog arrived at the shelter over six months ago with an invasive form of cancer in one of her hind legs. Thanks to a medical foster and generous donors, the leg was amputated to save her life.

The sweet pup has made a full recovery and adjusted to life as a tripod dog. She loves to run and play with toys and enjoys cuddling on the couch. While she greets every human she meets with a wagging tail, she is selective on which dogs she likes. 

The shelter was thrilled to announce that Tina has finally found a loving home. They wrote, "She was so happy! It was finally her turn!! Her new family understands her needs and her preferences and is okay with all of it! After spending the week with Tina at a kids' summer camp, this sweet family just couldn’t resist bringing our precious girl home. Tina has an incredible story as a cancer survivor and she continues to move through life with love in her heart and a pep in her step."

Screenshot: TikTok/@humanebroward

The entire shelter team gathered in the lobby to say goodbye to the happy pup. Tears of joy were shed by those present and viewers who watched as Tina's tail never stopped wagging as she left the shelter. 

There are so many pets like Tina waiting in shelter across the country. Please consider adopting a dog or cat from your local shelter. You will save lives and gain a new best friend. See all the adoptable pets at Humane Society of Broward County here.

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Andrea Powell

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