Ukraine Cat Scared Off By Bombs During Evacuation Reunites With Family

Ukraine Cat Scared Off By Bombs During Evacuation Reunites With Family

Photo: United for Animals

Heroic volunteers in Ukraine are determined to help as many people and pets as possible escape dangerous areas that are being continually bombed. 

With your support, we are providing funds to help evacuate and care for pets rescued from the frontlines. 

Greater Good Charities' partner, United for Animals (UfA), shared with us a heartwarming reunion between a lost cat and his worried family. 

The orange cat was terrified by the missile strikes near his home and ran away as the family was trying to evacuate the area. 

Photo: United for Animals

While they didn't want to leave their furry friend behind, they had no choice as it was becoming more dangerous by the minute. 

Rescuers returned to the heavily bombed Lyptsi, Kharkiv Region, and found a scared and exhausted cat. They scooped him up and discovered that his family was desperately searching for him. 

Photo: United for Animals

UfA told us, "Words cannot describe the relief and happiness on their faces when they saw their beloved pet again. These moments remind us how important it is to continue our work. Thank you for your support and assistance. Together, we can make a significant difference!"  

It is clear how much this man missed his cat as he hugs and kisses him. 

Photo: United for Animals

Evacuated pets continue to arrive at the Patron Pet Center in need of food and care. Join us in helping to care for these innocent animals until they are reunited with their families or find new loving homes. 

The Patron Pet Center is a safe haven for hundreds of evacuated and rescued pets. The animals are able to relax in the soundproof kennels as they recover physically and mentally from the trauma of war. With new pets arriving daily, the center is full and needs to expand to save more lives.

Join us in helping them build much-needed kennels and a quarantine room by donating below.

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